In many ways, this is it," Walsh tells me. "This is potentially the end. There are no antibiotics in the pipeline that have activity against NDM 1-producing enterobacteriaceae. We have a bleak window of maybe 10 years, where we are going to have to use the antibiotics we have very wisely, but also grapple with the reality that we have nothing to treat these infections with.

faith in tables

the Lazenby effect

n. the tendency for the day after a really good day to be an utterly shitty one, a karmic circuit breaker that recalibrates your capacity to savor subsequent success, a periodic whipcrack that twists your flatlining trajectory into a heartbeat curve that leaves you shaken, not stirred.

the dictionary of obscure sorrows


From my notes:
This recipe makes 4 1-lb loaves. For 8 Loaves, use ratio of 6-3-3-13 (water-yeast-salt-flour)
•6.5 cups unsifted, unbleached, AP white flour
•1.5 tbsp yeast (~1.5 packets)
•1.5 Tbsp coarse kosher or sea salt
•3 cups lukewarm water

1.Place flour, salt in 5 qt Tupperware
2.Heat water to 100 deg, add yeast
3.Mix liquid in to flour (Don’t knead)
4.Cover loosely and let rise at room temp approximately 2 hours (or until flattens / collapses)
5.Store dough in fridge for up to 14 days.
6.Sprinkle cutting board with cornmeal, then cut grapefruit sized loaf from the bowl with bread knife.
7.Sprinkle dough with flour, and stretch surface around to bottom on four sides to make a bunched bottom, quarter turn at a time.
8.Place ball on board, let rise for 30~40 minutes. Preheat oven to 450 degrees with baking stone on middle rack and boiler tray beneath.
9.Dust top of loaf liberally with flour, and make 1/4” deep cuts in top.
10.Slide loaf onto baking stone and pour 1 Cup hot water into boiler tray
11.Bake for approx. 30 minutes, or until crust is browned and firm, let aircool on wire rack.

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